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Atsuko Katsuko

on Sat May 26, 2018 3:06 pm

Name: Atsuko Katsuko
Age: 21
Birthday: April 1
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Seraphim//Angel
Blood Type: AB

Height: 5"1
Weight: 76 kg
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Purple
General Appearance: Atsuko has a slender body with a pale, white skin tone. She looks weak and unhealthy and her appearance will remind you of an albino. Atsuko usually wears puffy, white dresses and flower crowns of various color. Atsuko likes walking barefoot, and is often covered in bandages (as her clumsiness always lead her to trouble, and other strange reasons). Her appearance describes her as someone who often gets hurt, and is weak.
Others: Atsuko has small wings, unlike others of her kind, ranging up to only 0.5 meters.

Personality: Atsuko is a very emotional character around men, often bubbly then suddenly becoming sad and angry (no, she is not bipolar). Atsuko acts like a child, and engages situations in a rude manner. A lot despises Atsuko, and her naive nature makes her unaware of what others think of her. She is quite childish and useless, and she is aware of this. Though being around the same gender makes her feel safe, therefore, acting usually calm, sweet and polite; yet you can still see the sadness in her eyes.

  • Meeting other people - Atsuko has been lonely her entire life, she knew that she needed to go out and meet others to satisfy her social hunger.
  • Books - Atsuko had always liked reading books, particularly history books about her kind, and The Bible.
  • Getting hurt - She may not show it, by Atsuko has a lot of masochistic tendencies. Though she wouldn't mind if people treat her savagely.


  • Perverts - Atsuko believes that body parts are sacred, and people who abuses these are the kinds of people Atsuko despises.
  • Walking - Due to Atsuko's fragile body, walking tires her easily.
  • Canned food - She never understood why humans like canned food despite of their unhealthy characteristics.


  • To become a full Seraphim - Being an underdeveloped Seraphim, she lacks everything an actual Seraphim has. And Atsuko knew that she needs to do everything to become a full Seraphim.


  • Death - Although she is immortal and could resurrect many times, Atsuko is still afraid of death.
  • Losing memories/Being forgotten - What's scarier than death is being forgotten by your loved ones; or at least, forgetting your loved ones, especially who you are. Atsuko doesn't want to forget anything she encounters.

History: Atsuko was born in the heavens and was made by a prostitute's wish of being free. Though she was taken full care, Atsuko is an underdeveloped Seraphim; with a small pair of wings and the lack of magical powers. Nobody really knows why she is not developed properly, though her intuition told her that the prostitute who made a wish was never free, and the only way for Atsuko to develop is for the wish maker's wish to be granted.

Author's Note: Atsuko is inspired by the song You Are A Useless Child by Kikuo ft. Hatsune Miku. She was made to be useless, and I still love her despite her clumsiness.
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