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Agrona Chloris

on Sat May 26, 2018 4:58 pm

Name: Agrona Chloris (Alora Chloris, as her original image)
Age: 16
Birthday: November 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Witch
Blood Type: AB

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 33 kg
Hair Color: Pastel purple
Eye Color: Blue
General Appearance: Typical teenage girl with slight difference in her Witch form

Personality: A joyous person, likes to help who's in need, she's onto decent activities. She also has a cold side especially to boys.

> Nature - She likes nature-related categories of the world.
> Sweets - She likes sugary foods
> Computer-related Stuff - She's a great computer enthusiast.
> Friends - She knows that friends matters more.

> Egotists - Agrona dislikes people who does socialization through being an egotist.
> Failure - She's an extreme perfectionist. If she does something "Not according" to what she wants, she's going to tweak the plight right away.

> Her passions - Her passions counterbalances all things she persuades.
- Art
> People who supports and loves her - She believes that love is still somewhat more powerful than magic

> Ghosts - Despite of a strong spirit she has, she still gets frightened by Ghost (From a childhood trauma)
> Failure- As said, she's a perfectionist

History: 13 years ago, Ilumina, an 8th year old never-aging girl is made of light. Since she's different she couldn't bare
to be with others 'cause she might scare them. She met a friend from the woods who is Myel. Myel loves fairytale so much
that's why she wouldn't think twice before befriending Ilumina. One day, Myel died from an accident which left Ilumina doomed
and alone. Ilumina thought that she's nothing without her bestfriend so she tried and kill herself by exposing herself at the night (She
couldn't withstand any place unless there's a light source, 'cause she feeds from light.) Before staying for more than 5 minutes, she
realized, what if she just possess someone? She easily agreed to her own idea and possessed Alora, Myel's 3 years old daughter.
She possessed her the night where Myel's husband was sleeping.

Alora turned 16, a loving daughter she is to her father but little did she know that her abilties started by Ilumina is slowly
exposing. Time by time her vision's brightness increases, everytime a light strikes her, it distorts and many more. She found her
mother's old diary that explains Ilumina's personality. The time came where Ilumina suddenly took control and let Alora know her
powers. Alora was brought to the magic world, where she met people with different magic. Her alias name there is Agrona, that is to
keep her identity safe.  

Author's Note: I might change some stuff especially the history, I couldn't come up with a nice backstory.

Also the current photo displayed isn't Agrona to be exact (I haven't done her art yet.) She's Lulu (Ruru in Japanese) from Hugtto Precure, she's one of the character inspiration for Agrona.
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